We may understand intuition as a skill that does not rely upon reasoning or evidence but seems to present itself within the unconscious or deeply within us. It is a concept deeply engrained within eastern and western philosophy and aims to expand upon ideas of the mind. We may confuse or associate intuition with concepts such as common sense, déjà vu, a sixth sense, or preconscious understanding.

Which of our treatments can best help you learn about your inner intuition?

  • Guided Meditation

The Effects

People with a strong sense of intuition are more likely to trust their instincts and listen to their inner voice. If we feel a strong pull towards something, or believe we can tell that something is wrong, people with solid intuition tend to follow these leads to discover what might be wrong.

People with intuition also look for solitude, which can help in the development of their intuition. Belief in intuition is imperative to deepening it; we must search inside ourselves for the things we find intuitive to become better at behaving intuitively.

As a result of the above, people who find themselves deeply intuitive often seek to practice mindfulness to deepen their intuitive skills. It is helpful to develop these skills, which allow for great empathy as our intuition grows and we find our abstract ideas reaching fruition. By taking the time to explore nature, for example, or to practice breathing which helps us to remain in the present, we can gain self-knowledge that improves our instinctive ideas as well as allowing us to grow non-judgementally and accept that our intuition may lead us to know things we had not anticipated.


People who refuse to acknowledge or accept any sense of natural intuition will find themselves missing opportunities, chances and the genuine happiness which comes with trusting themselves. While it is easy to be cynical or sceptical, it takes real commitment and willingness to believe in something bigger than ourselves and trust in the unconscious to develop skills such as intuition. While it is not always our fault, our job is to undo the ignorance we have been presented with.

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