Finding our path in life is a critical but delicate task. It connotes being intentional in making decisions and choosing what’s suitable for us at every point. We do things on our terms, rather than being constrained by norms or copying what others usually do.

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There comes a time in everyone’s life when we ask ourselves, “Who am I? What am I meant to do? What is the purpose of my life? What path am I meant to take? How can I be happy and fulfilled?” These and many other similar questions pop up in our minds as we grow up and gradually understand we cannot be dependent on our parents forever.

Unfortunately, providing satisfactory answers to these questions tends to be problematic and complicated. Seeing our age mates and colleagues seamlessly carving out paths for themselves will not make it any easier for us.

The struggle to find a path.

Finding our path in life is an adventure that is meant to shape our lives. However, individuals are unique. Not many people find it easy and seamless to find their path in life. Discovering ourselves, our values, what we have to offer, and how you can make it a reality comes hitch-free to very few people and arduous to many others.

Many find themselves struggling to carve out a path to having a meaningful life. They often encounter lots of uncertainties, difficulties, and challenges on this vital journey. As such, not having clarity or direction as early as possible due to several reasons could result in hopelessness, settling for less, and leading an unhappy life.

Fear of change, being afraid to make mistakes, lack of courage to challenge the statuesque, not allowing our creativity to blossom, choosing to please others ahead of your happiness, not willing to take calculated risks, ignoring our unconscious mind, among others, are common factors that may hinder us from finding our path in life.

What is it like to be lost without a path?

I believe we must have heard that “Life is a journey: not a destination.” Now, imagine going on a journey with no plan, no destination in mind, and no predetermined route to follow. Such a person will only be wandering until he becomes weary and exhausted, achieving nothing. That is precisely how living a life without purpose looks like. It Is empty; it is inconsequential; it is meaningless! Without a sense, there can be no goal. When you have no plan, you do things randomly and haphazardly; most of which will be contradictory fruitless. We will constantly be anxious, which is harmful to our mental health. We will not be motivated, no achievement, and no growth. Is such a life worth living at all?

What are the benefits of having a purposeful path?

Finding our path in life is essential for many reasons. It enables us to live a life of meaning. It helps us to maximize our potential and use our talents fruitfully. We will only do jobs we enjoy and choose a career path that fits our purpose.

Having a purpose serves as a pillar to rest on in times of hardships and challenges. Facing challenges on the road to success and fulfilment is inevitable. Knowing where we are going will help us stay strong, persevere, and soldier on. But without a purpose, we will be easily discouraged since we do not know what we want anyway.

Having a purposeful path will help we achieve more since our life will be carefully planned. We will win and succeed on our terms. Also, thanks to having clarity of mind and a goal, making decisions towards achieving our goals will be easier. We will not make arbitrary or contradictory decisions. We will have clarity on the important and unimportant things of life. We will easily separate our needs (essential desires like food, water, and shelter) from wants (fickle desires or luxuries like designer clothes or Rolex).

When we find our path in life and walk it, we gain a significant burst of energy and passion that constantly drives us, puts us in a great mood all day long, and keeps us going. Every minute will be precious and meaningful. On the other hand, days become a drag for people without purpose, especially if you are doing a job you hate.

We are meaning of creating our path and not follow other’s paths.

It is important to note that our purpose, path, profession, journey, or creativity scarcely make itself readily visible and accessible.  Finding our way in life is an act of allowing, not searching. It is an act of listening to our inner voice and following it step by step. We surrender our perception of who we are and allow what is meant to be.

Every individual is unique in their makeup so, what works for one person may not work for another. We have different experiences, beliefs, perspectives, situations, and values. Why then will you follow someone else’s lead.

We create a path of our own by digging deep, looking within ourselves, listening to our soul, cultivating our ways of experiencing the sacred, and practising it until we make a song that sings us. The path may not be perfect, but the purpose will make it worthwhile.

Following someone else’s path is living that person’s life. Instead of copying other people’s lives verbatim, we can create your path by using key elements of their lives to inform ours. We build genuine relationships with interesting people, learn from them, ask clarifying questions, take note of essential and valuable points, analyse the information gathered, find a middle-ground between this information and our ideas, narrow down our focus, create a plan, and get started. Without action, there can be no progress!


Our positive thinking program can help you.

The importance of inner clarity and confidence cannot be overemphasized. Without inner clarity, hearing your inner voice will be difficult and almost impossible. Without having faith in yourself, implementing your inner thoughts, carving out your purpose in life, and walking the path till you achieve your goal will be downright impossible.

Our positive thinking program will help you discover your inner clarity and confidence. We will help you find out your meaningful path in life. We offer a helping hand and a shoulder to rest on to subdue any challenges throughout the journey. So, why not reach out to us and let’s begin this adventure together?

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