The importance of being open-minded is grounded in acceptance of ourselves and others. Open-mindedness allows us to develop essential skills such as empathy, more excellent communication, and peace of mind. The ability to think open-minded can be aided by a guided meditation to broaden perspective and provide clarity to the way we associate thoughts and emotions as well as why we believe in specific patterns. By establishing this, we can learn to open our minds to new ideas, whether we agree with them or not.

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What Inhibits Open Mindedness?

Many things can affect our worldview and limit our understanding of others. It is often gratified by narrowminded teaching that restricts us as people and inhibits our ability to understand or resonate with those who are not the same as us. Increasingly, fundamentalism and nationalism, ideologies that seek to purport one identity superior to others, have infiltrated mindsets and have created close-mindedness in various communities of the world today.

While undoing dangerous or harmful teaching is a difficult task, and one which is not taken on lightly, it is imperative that we understand that each of us as an individual has the responsibility to educate and open minds through communication and discussion with those who are different to us. Through willingness, we can find strength in our differences and learn to go past what we have been taught to understand others.

How Can we be More Open-Minded?

Open-mindedness is better considered a journey than a destination. Seeking through curiosity to understand those with varying differences to yourself is a feat that few are willing to partake in, but it is certainly very worthwhile. In seeking out the difference and aiming to understand more, we may face difficulty or adversity, but what is most important is that we try to act nonjudgmentally and with respect because everybody has different experiences and a different worldview.

Learning to communicate is essential to growing a healthy dialogue about differences. It helps to gain perspective on others, but first, we must understand that hostility and the feeling of being threatened will not make others feel ready and willing to communicate. The ability to communicate in a way that invites others is a skill that can be developed through self-knowledge.

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