You can experience bullying at any age. Bullying is not limited to a specific type of person, nor is it limited to those with particular experiences or vulnerabilities. Sometimes we can be victims of bullying without even realising it. But the effects of bullying can be lasting, and without an ability to relinquish the pain we have been caused, we stand no chance of recovering from the bullying we have experienced.

Which of our treatments can best help you if  you have been bullied?

The Effects of Bullying

Bullying can result in many further problems. The general trend in those who experience bullying is an increased sense of negativity, including negative self-talk and low self-esteem. This can lead further to mental illnesses and issues surrounding the sense of self, or lack thereof. If you suffer from bullying, you may find it hard to think positively towards yourself, trust your self-worth; you may also struggle to form meaningful positive relationships out of fear.

Recovering from Bullying

While it can seem complicated to detach ourselves from a case of bullying where we are the victim, often the best course of action can be to relinquish ourselves from those who cause us negativity. While this cannot always be possible, often those who bully are friends or acquaintances of their victims. The action of removing negativity from your life is imperative to being able to gain clarity and positivity over both our self-image and our self-talk. By refusing to acknowledge those who project nothing, but negative energy will instantly improve your life.

Bullying can cause us to doubt everything about ourselves, often reaching into doubt of self-knowledge. It is imperative to reaffirm knowledge of our positive traits and characteristics as a way of coping with and recovering from bullying. Often the key to handling the effects of bullying is ignoring or assessing what is being said or done to us and realising that it is neither our fault nor a reflection of our character nor what we are worthy of.

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