A nervous breakdown is a period of severe mental illness or symptoms of mental illness experienced by an individual. This is not a formally defined term; however, it does indicate a severe or long-lasting strain and is recognised widely. When we talk about experiencing a nervous breakdown, this tends to be a colloquial and ambiguous term for a prolonged or severe period of mental illness. A ‘nervous breakdown’ is usually caused by external stress and pressure building upon the individual.

Controlling the Problem

Suppose you feel that you, or someone you know, may be suffering from a period of severe mental illness that is putting particular strain on the living of their life. In that case, they should contact or see a medical professional seek help. Medical professionals can suggest effective treatment methods and solutions to mental illness and are best qualified to do so. However, many people who experience prolonged periods of severe mental illness choose to approach the situation with a combination of professional and holistic tools to improve their state. It is also essential to learn how to prevent the onset of mental illnesses, which is often best achieved by controlling symptoms using holistic therapies and concepts.

Handling and Coping with Stress

One of the essential methods of preventing a ‘nervous breakdown’ or similar symptoms is to learn how to handle stress and adversity which occurs throughout life. We cannot avoid stress and hardship, so managing it is the most appropriate option. Techniques such as breathing exercises and visualisation meditation can be great for coping with high-stress situations when we may feel the urge to panic.

Furthermore, making a concerted effort to heal past trauma is essential to coping with life. We need self-forgiveness and empathy to succeed in moving past people and things that have made us feel negative or unhappy in the past. Our role in healing our trauma is central; we cannot rely on apologies or actions from others, especially not those who have hurt us. Establishing a healthy mindset regarding past trauma is the most critical thing we can do.

Guided Meditation

Guided meditation is a skill that has both preventative and healing benefits for mental illness when practised over time. Through visualisation, affirmation and breathing, combined into the singular activity of meditation, we can gain control of our negative thoughts, which both cause and worsen mental illness and learn to establish better and more effective coping mechanisms through a mind aligned with greater positivity. This is important to fend off overwhelming negativity, which can often be the root of a severe mental illness. Guided meditation can also aid in handling stressful situations and as a result, assisting in the prevention of mental diseases.

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