One problem that we all face from time to time is a feeling of stagnancy. Feeling stuck can be depressing, intensely hostile, and it can make moving ahead with jobs, or goals feel impossible. For this reason, being stuck can feel like one of the most frustrating aspects of the human condition. To move past stagnant points, we need to understand what makes us feel stuck.

Why do we Feel Stuck?

If we lack motivation, it often translates into a feeling of being stuck. The lack of motivation means we feel that we cannot move forward with our life, causing us to dwell upon the past and emphasise the negative things that have happened to us. Lacking motivation can happen because we have not grown enough, for example, having not got a promotion or moved up in work, or it can occur due to a feeling of negativity derived from a traumatic or sad event.

When we lack motivation, we may find it accompanied by feelings of anxiety or depression. As a result, we may also find that it limits our sense of what positive events can occur in future. As a result, we must break out of feelings of stagnancy through positive means.

How to Free Ourselves

Allow ourselves to grow past the feelings that have made us feel stagnant. This could mean searching for a new path upon which to find ourselves. Alternatively, it could mean searching for new ways to get past current obstacles which block our pathways.

The way society and our peers shape us mean we are forced to behave in a way that is not best for us. To overcome this, we often must break out of the mould made for us and establish our passions and ideals to live a fulfilling life, leaving us feeling stuck. Often, we find ourselves stuck because we have been led in a direction that we believed to be the right one, only to realise we did not find what we thought we would.

Guided Meditation

The technique of guided meditation allows us to search deeply within ourselves to establish the root of the stagnancy we feel and, as a result, will enable us to move on past such feelings, which affect our day-to-day life. With the help of a coach, we can work through these issues with aspects of guided meditation such as visualisation, affirmation, and guided breathing.

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